Full Service Plan

If you need a new website built from the ground up, this is your best option. The Full Service Plan includes everything from first idea to finished website. We have a process in place that ensures all your needs and wishes are met while creating your website in a timely manner.

In a first step, we always like to meet or call a client in order to find out what you want to achieve with your website. These talks directly influence our designing, coding and testing phases because we work very goal oriented. People generally don't own a website just to have one; there are always ulterior motives even if it is as simple as getting traffic or readers. It is our job to discover your ulterior motives and to then build you a website that will exceed your expectations and the ones of your future visitors.

The consistent results make our Full Service Plan a compelling experience for our clients and enjoyable work for us. For a free quote or phone call contact us now.

Web Design & Development

Sometimes the Full Service Plan is more than what you need. Instead all you would need is to tap into our designers' and programmers' vast know-how and skills on a project-by-project or even task-by-task basis. This is no problem of course and we do offer our services for projects or other single tasks that you want to outsource or can't do yourself.

Even here we are very process driven which frees our minds to focus on the work at hand and the quality we deliver. We are a diverse group of people that like to collaborate and work on new projects. Our areas of expertise are: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL (MSSQL, Oracle SQL, MySQL, PL-SQL) and database development. For a free quote or phone call contact us now.

HTML5 Canvas

The HTML5 Canvas API is an amazing animation tool for website owners in the modern web. It allows us to put animation on your website without the use of heavy Flash. Even interactions can be programmed that reach the levels of fully fleshed out games. And it all runs in the browser without the need for any plug-ins or addons.

Not all websites need it; but the ones that do make good use of animation and interaction can immerse their visitors more than any other website could. A simple example is a college that wanted us to create a language test as a game. This allows a college to capture the interest of more prospective students while evaluating their language skills in a compelling way. The importance is of course to not let your goals out of sight. As in the language test example, the purpose was to find the right course for your language level. However, instead of using the common form completion process, it was a simple game to make it a fun experience.

Using the canvas in a conversion-driven way like this is very promising. If you can imagine your website benefit from such an interactive technology, contact us for a free quote now.

Maintenance & Support

Has your website been growing successfully and you find yourself challenged with increasingly technical problems? Then this is the service option that could potentially save your online business. We do it for our clients (if they want to) and we can do it for you, too. Security, stability, privacy, back ups, updates, upgrades... These are all ongoing maintenance tasks that a growing online business like yours needs to do. And if you are not working inside a CMS (Content Management System), these tasks become even more daunting.

You could either hire a web master with his limited knowledge, or you could get support from our whole team with their combined knowledge - for the same price. We already have a stable maintenance process in place so why not let us apply it to your website, as well. For a free quote, contact us now.